Fair bonus is a great motivator.

A staff bonuses that reward good work is valuable if companies want to achieve outstanding results.

Optimal achiments ordered from the top has its limit.

Even if companies deliver a well-functioning business and fulfill all obligations, there is always an constraint on how the final outcome will be.

The limitation consists of…

...that there are unpredictable situations that staff can relate to in different ways. Either one is motivated and part of the solution. Or not motivated and just doing the minimum that may be required. The latter leads to unnecessary loss of business. A motivated staff always increases profit.

Motivated staff takes active part in the opportunities and problems that continually arise.

Here is a great potential not because the companies are against giving their staff a bonus for a good job but for the reason that there has been no good tools that could relate achivments down to the companies profits.

But now there is ProfitFinder - reddy to deliver a fair bonus base!